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The Road to React with Firebase

This book teaches you pragmatic Firebase in React for business applications with a minimal tech stack. You will learn how to implement user management with authentication and authorization, how to manage a Firebase database, and how to deploy your application.

The Bare Essentials

You will learn about Firebase with React, a minimalistic tech stack to realize profitable business ideas, in this book.

200-page book in PDF, MOBI & EPUB
Learn Firebase in React
Build a real world React application
Build profitable business applications

The Coder Package

Access starter projects that show various migrations and integrations of other technologies in React with Firebase.

200-page book in PDF, MOBI & EPUB
Learn Firebase in React
Build a real world React application
Build profitable business applications
Access to 6 Source Code Projects
Advanced State Management with Redux and MobX
Styled Application with Semantic UI
Starter for Gatsby.js for Static Websites
Migration to Firebase's Cloud Firestore

What People Are Saying

What can you expect?

You will build a client application with React and Firebase. Learn how to connect your React application to a Firebase database and how to authenticate/authorize with advanced Firebase features. These are only a few of the things you will learn about in this course.

You will learn about ...

  • Setup a well-rounded React App with Routing

  • Setup Firebase and connect it to React

  • Authentication with Firebase

  • Sign Up, Sign In & Sign Out

  • Password Reset and Change

  • Sending Verification E-Mails

  • Social Logins with Google, Facebook, Twitter

  • Linking of Social Logins to a Firebase Account

  • Role-based authorization with Firebase

  • Realtime Database usage in React

  • Pagination/Ordering of Firebase Data

  • Hosting a React application with Firebase

Book: Table of Contents

Access Source Code

  • React with Firebase

  • Extension: React & Redux with Firebase

  • Extension: React & MobX with Firebase

  • Extension: React & Gatsby.js with Firebase

  • Extension: React & Semantic UI with Firebase

  • Migration: React with Firestore


Does the book use Firebase's Realtime Database or Firebase's Cloud Firestore? This book uses Firebase's Realtime Database that comes with a free tier for experimentation and provides a good overall learning experience. Many online tutorials and guides are targeted at Firebase Realtime Database developers, because the Cloud Firestore is the newest version, so few guides cover it. However, migrating from Firebase's Realtime Database to Cloud Firestore is a straightforward process, as shown in this tutorial, which will be referenced at the end of this book again. To use Cloud Firestore instead of Firebase's Realtime Database, consult the tutorial to find a migration path. After you have learned to migrate Realtime Database to Cloud Firestore, you can use what you've learned from older tutorials that use the Realtime Database for your Firestore application. You will get the best out of both worlds.


Fundamentals in Web Development: You should know how to use HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Being familiar with the term API would make sense too, because you will use APIs in the book.

Fundamentals in React: It uses React as library to implement a client-side application. It is a perfect choice for demonstrating how the things from the book work in context in a frontend application. You can learn more about React from my other course called The Road to learn React.


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