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The Road to learn React

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This course is your personal start of learning React and its ecosystem. You will learn plain React, transition from JavaScript ES5 to ES6, and build an application along the way. Afterward you are able to build your own applications and you are prepared to dive into the React ecosystem.

The Bare Essentials

This book should enable everyone to start learning React. You will build an own application without any tooling along the way and transition from JavaScript ES5 to ES6.

200-page book in PDF, MOBI & EPUB
Basic and Advanced React Concepts
Build a real world React application
Transition from JavaScript ES5 to ES6

The Coder Package

Access exciting projects and starter projects to go beyond plain React. Combine solutions such as React Router and Firebase with your application.

200-page book in PDF, MOBI & EPUB
Basic and Advanced React Concepts
Build a real world React application
Transition from JavaScript ES5 to ES6
Access to 30 Source Code Projects
Explore React's Ecosystem

What People Are Saying

What can you expect?

You will build a Hacker News application in plain React with zero-configuration. It connects to the API Hacker News API to fetch data from it. Along the way you will learn the fundamentals in React.

You will learn about ...

  • Bootstraping your React application

  • React's JSX Syntax, local state, lifecycles, ...

  • Consuming an external API

  • Client-sided sorting, filtering & caching

  • Server-sided searching

  • Advanced React Patterns

  • Component tests with Jest & Enzyme

  • JavaScript ES5, ES6 and beyond

  • Neat libraries along the way

  • Writing efficient and lightweight code

  • Deploying your app to production

Access Source Code

  • Hacker News Client

  • React Controlled Components

  • React List Components

  • React Code Organization

  • React Component Syntax

  • React Component Types

  • React Local Storage

  • React Local Storage as Cache

  • React Reusable Components

  • React Lift State

  • React Composability Over Configurability

  • React Component Composition

  • How to prevent a Component to re-render

  • React Hooks Introduction

  • React Hooks: useState

  • React Hooks: useReducer

  • React Firebase Chat Example

  • React Router v4 with nested Routes Example

  • React Router v4 with dynamic Routes Example

  • React Styled Components Example

  • React Semantic UI Example

  • React and the Intersection Observer API

  • React Flow Type Checking Example

  • React MobX (Local State) Example

  • React Redux Example

  • React Render Props Example: Currency Converter

  • React Render Props Example: Advanced List

  • React Render Props Example: Manage State

  • React Slot Pattern

  • React Stripe with Express Server


Does it use the recent React version? It gets updated as soon as possible whenever there is a new React version.

Does it cover Redux? It doesn’t. It should give you a solid foundation before you dive into advanced topics such as Redux. Still the application that you will implement will show you that you don’t need Redux to build applications.

Does it use JavaScript ES6? Yes. But don’t worry. You will be fine if you are familiar with JavaScript ES5. All JavaScript ES6 features will be explained on the journey to learn React. It does not only teach React, but also all useful JavaScript ES6 features for React.

Why is it pay what you want? I have put a lot of effort into this and will do so in the future. My desire is to reach as many people as possible. Everyone should be enabled to learn React. Still you could pay when you can afford it.


Fundamentals in Web Development: You should know how to use HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Being familiar with the term API would make sense too, because you will use APIs in the book.


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