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The Road to GraphQL

This book teaches you pragmatic GraphQL in JavaScript from zero to one. You will learn how to interact with a GraphQL API in React by using HTTP methods, but also how to build a larger applications with Apollo Client as your GraphQL library in React or Apollo Server in Node.

The Bare Essentials

You will learn about GraphQL in JavaScript with React and Node in this book. Building your own applications will give you plenty of hands-on experiences.

350-page book in PDF, MOBI & EPUB
Learn GraphQL in JavaScript with React.js & Node.js
Build applications along the way

The Coder Package

Access source code and starter projects to validate your learnings from the book. They will help you starting new applications from scratch.

350-page book in PDF, MOBI & EPUB
Learn GraphQL in JavaScript with React.js & Node.js
Build applications along the way
Access to 17 Source Code Projects
Starter Projects for Apollo and GraphQL
Authentication, Testing, Mocking, Subscriptions, ...

What People Are Saying

What can you expect?

You will build client and server applications with GraphQL in JavaScript with React, Node and Express. Learn how to query and mutate data, how to subscribe to continuous data, and how to authenticate and authorize with GraphQL. These are only a few of the things you will learn about in this course.

You will learn about ...

  • Explore GraphQL operations with only HTTP

  • Develop with Apollo Client & Server

  • Connect Apollo Client to React

  • Paginate long Lists of Items

  • Implement Optimistic UI for improved UX

  • Implement Data Prefetching for improved UX

  • Explore Testing & Mocking with Apollo Client

  • Connect Apollo Server to Express/Node

  • Explore Authentication and Authorization

  • Explore Subscriptions with Apollo

  • Implement Caching & Batching with Apollo Server

  • Connect PostgreSQL as Database with GraphQL

  • Deploy your Apollo Server with Database

  • Implement a GraphQL Client library for React

Access Source Code

  • Vanilla GitHub GraphQL Client in React

  • GitHub GraphQL Client in React with Apollo Client

  • Minimal Apollo Client in React Starter Project

  • Pagination with Apollo Client in React

  • Optimistic UI with Apollo Client in React

  • Prefetching Data with Apollo Client in React

  • GraphQL Client Library for React

  • Mocking of Apollo Client in React

  • Testing of Apollo Client in React

  • Apollo Link State for Local State

  • Apollo Client with Redux

  • Alternative: Apollo Client with Redux Cache

  • Apollo Boost in Node.js

  • Fullstack Apollo Subscription Example

  • Full-Stack Apollo Server with PostgreSQL

  • Full-Stack Apollo Server with MongoDB

  • Full-Stack Apollo in React


Why does the book use React to teach about GraphQL? GraphQL is often used in modern applications to connect client and server applications. These applications are often built with solutions such as React, Angular and Vue. To teach about GraphQL, it makes sense to apply it in a real world context like React for your client application. I picked React because it has only a slim API and a good learning curve. It is only the view layer in your tech stack. You can learn about it in my other book The Road to learn React. However, you can apply your learnings about GraphQL in other client-side applications, too.

Why does it use Node/Express to teach about GraphQL? You can consume third-party GraphQL APIs with a client application, but you can also implement your own GraphQL API on the server-side. Since it is more efficient to stick to one programming language (JavaScript), I picked Node.js. Express.js is the most popular choice for Node.js applications, which is why I picked it over alternatives like Hapi or Koa.


Fundamentals in Web Development: You should know how to use HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Being familiar with the term API would make sense too, because you will use APIs in the book.

Fundamentals in React: It uses React as library to implement a client-side application. It is a perfect choice for demonstrating how the things from the book work in context in a frontend application. You can learn more about React from my other course called The Road to learn React.


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